My 10 Wishes For You In 2019!

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It’s the start to a New Year and many people make resolutions. Things they want to change about themselves or goals they want to achieve. So I wanted to do something a little different and share my New Years wishes for all of you!

  1. Set your goal high AND reach it – Don’t limit yourself because you think you can’t get something done. You know that one thing you always wanted to do? Go out and do it. Don’t set an unrealistic time frame though, this is the step that gets people down. You aren’t going to lose 100 pounds in a few months by wishing for it. You aren’t going to get rich right away in the new company you just joined. Take that huge goal, break it down into smaller goals and crush them. Time is going to pass anyway, make it count and before you know it you WILL reach that scary goal you thought you couldn’t. (Want to lose 100 pounds but thinking about it scares you or you think it’s going to take too long? Break it down into 20-pound increments. Lose those 20 pounds, celebrate and on the next 20. That goal seems more realistic in your head and you will feel more motivated to do it)
  2. Let your body goal be YOUR body at its optimal – We all do this, we see someone with the body we wish we had and say “body goals” or “fitness goals” but sometimes it just isn’t feasible. There are certain body types that will never get to or look like another body type. I am Puerto Rican. I will never have thin thighs or a thigh gap. Yes, when I was younger I wanted these things but I have learned to love my body and my thick thighs and hips. So my goal body is my thick legs being fit and muscular but not too muscular. Look at YOUR body and make your goals based on that. Improve what you have, you’ll feel better about yourself and will never get down on yourself because you can’t look like that “IG model”. Who probably doesn’t look like that anyway, just knows how to take a good pic. Don’t believe me? Check out my IG and look for the post about angles.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff – I’m sure you have heard this many times before and trust me it can be so very hard. Take a minute and think to yourself: will this change or affect my life in any way? If the answer is no, LET IT GO!! (Elsa had some good insight with those 3 words) Don’t waste your precious time on things that don’t matter or that you can’t change.
  4. Put the phone away and enjoy the moment – life isn’t about the perfect picture or video to share on Facebook or Instagram. It’s about the memories you are making and the people you are making it with. Yes, you want those pics to remember the day and the people. Take the pics and move on. Don’t make the whole day about taking the perfect shot or posting it at the right time. Do you want to think back and remember the laughs and good times or think back on the time you spent finding the perfect filter? Be present, life is too short.
  5. Forgive AND FORGET – now I’ve been here one too many times. I’ll forgive a person and think to myself “I won’t forget what you did” but can you honestly say you forgive them if you can’t forget what they have done? People make mistakes, some bigger than others. And yes, some things are unforgivable and unforgettable. But what good does it do to you to harp on it the rest of your life? Will it change what happened? Will it change that person? Take people for who they are, HUMANS! I have made some bad mistakes. I have said some really hurtful and stupid things to people. I am so happy they were able to forgive me and move on. They knew I made a mistake and was genuinely sorry. When you decide to forgive someone, move one. If what they did does not allow you to not constantly bring it up again then its time to move on from them. Forgive and release. Bringing it up to them to constantly punish them will not change what they did, it will not change how you feel about them and it’s better to move on without them than live in the past. Yes, this can at times be much easier said than done depending on the person that hurt you.
  6. Take care of YOURSELF – There comes a point in our lives that we find ourselves taking care of others. Whether it’s your children, your pet or an elderly parent/grandparent. What we tend to forget is to take care of ourselves. We run ourselves ragged making sure everyone is ok but neglect ourselves. We can’t help ANYONE if we arent 100%. It isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. Take yourself out on a date, get a massage, find 30 minutes in the 24 hours in a day and exercise. Enjoy that cupcake but learn to enjoy all the healthy foods as well. Get your mind right. Find that one thing that brings you mental clarity and happiness and find the time to do it more than once a year!!
  7. Do not get into debt or financial troubles trying to keep up with the Jones’ – I saw a funny meme that said: “dont try to keep up with the Jones’, I just saw them at the supermarket and their card was declined”. People will only put out what you want them to see. Their “perfect” life, how blessed they are. The vacations they take, the gifts they get etc. What they don’t say is how they charged that whole vacation and now they will pay for it for the next 3 years, or how their marriage is on the rocks even though their spouse got them that expensive watch. Not saying that everyone that posts these things are lying but you don’t know what happens in their reality. They could have struggled for years and now can finally afford that vacation or they saved for months on end to be able to go. Don’t live YOUR life trying to keep up with what anyone else is doing. Live YOUR best life, do the things YOU can afford and enjoy the things that make YOU happy.
  8. With that being said, “Take everything you see on social media with a grain of salt” – there are filters, perfect angles, photography tricks and so much more that go into some posts. There are embellished stories that go with some pictures. Like it, comment and move on. Don’t let anything you see get you down because at the end of the day you really don’t know what is real or not.
  9. Stop saying “I’m Sorry” or apologizing for things that are NOT your fault – I don’t know about you but I find myself saying “I’m Sorry” way too much and for no reason at all. Like someone bumping into me and me apologizing. I always walk away like “Why did I just apologize???” So going forward I’m making a mental note of staying quiet and making sure to not apologize for things beyond my control or that I did not cause. This is also true when in a situation where someone does you wrong and somehow finds a way to turn it around on you and you end up apologizing. Stop that shit!!! Don’t let someone place the blame on you when they are clearly in the wrong.
  10. Date your spouse/Significant Other – The start of a relationship is magical. You want to be together all of the time, they are always on your mind, you do cute things for one another and then life happens. You get married , you have children, jobs get stressful, life gets stressful and you forget to connect with that one person who brought you so much joy. If you find yourself fighting about the smallest things ask yourself “when was the last time we were just us” Have you gone on a date night? Have you gone away without the kids? It was just the two of you before all the stress of life took over. Do not forget to reconnect to that as often as possible. Go to dinner and just talk and most importantly LAUGH.

I hope 2019 is the year of YOU. Get out there and live your best life!

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